1. Reason 1 of why my future husband must be him in a younger form: We both have a weird OCD that makes us always have to wear mismatched socks. So he gets why I have to wear unmatched socks unlike guys who just think im a wackadoodle for thinking bad stuff will happen to me if my socks match


  2. One of the reason why I love him lol


  3. So sick of these awkward conversations with my therapist and psychiatrist. Like damn you already asked me before shouldn’t you know the answer by now? How old r you? What grade are you in? What do you wanna do when you graduate? The answer to these stupid questions I have already said many times before! The more you ask the more I realize I just dont matter at all! I just dont matter at all!!


  4. womenagainstfeminism:

    • Complain about boys
    • Complain about a stranger on Facebook.
    • Complain about getting attention for your body.
    • Complain about not getting attention for your body.
    • Complain about the assholes you are attracted to but can’t change.
    • Complain about the nice guys who are attracted to you but who you…

  5. What I don't get about Tumblr Feminists and dress codes

    1. Tumblr Feminists: Dress codes are body shaming us! We want to show our cleavage and ass cheeks at school!
    2. School: Okay, fine. Show yourself half naked.
    3. Tumblr Feminists: OMG! Stop sexualizing our bodies!

  6. Couldn’t stop crying when I saw the last quantum leap episode. Then I watched the Elvis episode today and they showed the begging part of the last episode and I actually started getting upset and crying again

    What Is Wrong With Me!?!?!


  7. Noticed you guys aren’t liking my stuff any more guess even the internet doesn’t care about me any more 


  8. slideshow of my life when I was/am 16/17 in June 2013-June 2014

    (Source: youtube.com)



  10. I have very low standards and I dont ask much from my future husband. All I ask is that, he is austin carlile


  11. Thank you omandm for making my favorite song of all time & giving it a epic video


  12. austin carliles dancing in the new music video omandm


  13. Of Mice & Men - Would You Still Be There (Officia…: