1. these type of people only care about themselves and the trends which is the opposite of a punk a true punk cares about the environment, hates racism, fights for basic human rights and doesn’t care about trends or fads a true punk is about the music, individuality, rights, freedoms and justice. By the posers like the girl in the middle(clearly cover in high fashion big named clothing) dressing “punk” it turns punk mainstream hence big corporations start selling and profiting from punk, which goes against everything punk is about; this being anti corporation and government(. Punk isn’t about the dyed hair, the logos you wear or the stores you get them from. Yet posers still still do all this, shopping at high priced, big named stores like Urban Outfitters and dying their hair pastel colors. However this has nothing to do with punk and if you were a punk you would know this. If you’re a poser and do this please stop because all your doing is selling punk out Btw I’m not saying everyone can’t be punk and have to look punk to be punk I’m saying if you want to be punk don’t be a poser care about others, love punk music, fight big corporations, support human rights e.g. gay & lesbian marriage; punk is in a punks blood and veins. If you don’t believe me look up the definition of punk and/or watch videos of bands like the clash, sex pistols, the ramones, buzzcocks talk about what punk is. Oh by the way AVRIL LAVIGNE ISN’T PUNK AND talking LiKe Th1S or gr8, ISN’T PUNK IT’S SCENE OR EMO

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    Thanks!Thank you so much!!!!Finally someone got it!
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    This is like me telling someone who wears glasses that they need to like doctor who and quantum physics because only...
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